WKA Store
Hi! My name is Maya. I am an 8-year-old female Siberian Husky, and Store Mascot.
Our store is closed for renovations. We plan to re-open later this year.

If you have questions about various breeds, or how to show your AKC registered dog,  
contact the good folks at the
Westbury Kennel Association, and come to our shows.

My quick bio: When I was 5 months old, the family I thought was mine, suddenly decided that
they did not want me anymore. I was also an abused neo-pup. I am friendly but I am terrified of
leashes, so I cannot be walked in my neighborhood. Something must have happened to me
when I was a little shrimp. Thankfully I was rescued. Not all castaways are that lucky. The
Siberians in my forever family run the gamut, from Rascals-in-Chief, to Breed Ambassadors, to
Service Dogs. True to my heritage, I live outdoors 24/7 and I am on a raw diet, as is my family.

You have personalities. We have dogsonalities! Think before you buy or adopt. Regardless of
your breed, show dog or not, take the time to learn about the unique ways of your individual
dogs. Love, understand, appreciate, and respect them so you and they can be partners for life.
<<< Maya of Merrick
Siberian Husky Club of Greater NY, Inc.
For your convenience we have included this link to InfoDog.
If you are new to showing,
Show Info and Show Entry are quite helpful!
Best of luck with your entries.